Cooperative ITS

CEN/TC 278/WG 16

Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) has the potential to further increase the benefits of ITS services and applications. C-ITS is a subset of the overall ITS that communicates and shares information between ITS Stations* to give advice or take actions  with the objective of improving safety, sustainability, efficiency and comfort beyond the scope of stand-alone ITS.

(* ITS Station defined in ETSI EN 302 665 and ISO 21217)

ITS-S reference architecture (ISO 21217:2014)


A series of webinars on C-ITS standardization will be held during 2020. You may register for attending a webinar by sending an email, providing your name, your affiliation, country of residence, and the date of the respective webinar. Upon registration, you will receive an email with the login information.

The first webinar took place on on 21. April 2020 from 13:00h through 17:00h.

Overview of standards

The current standards published by CEN/TC 278/WG 16 in the domain “Intelligent transport systems – Cooperative ITS” are:

ISO/TS CEN/TS 17419 Classification and management of ITS applications in a global context [ASN.1]

ISO/TS CEN/TS 17423 ITS application requirements and objectives for selection of communication profiles [ASN.1]

ISO/TS CEN/TS 18750 Local dynamic maps [ASN.1]

CEN/TS 17425 Data exchange specification for in-vehicle presentation of external road and traffic related data

CEN/TS 17426 Contextual speeds

CEN/TS 17429 ITS station facilities for the transfer of information between ITS stations

CEN ISO/TS 21176 Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) – Position, velocity and time functionality in the ITS station

ISO/TS CEN/TS 19321 Dictionary of in-vehicle information (IVI) data structures [ASN.1]

ISO/TS 19091 Using V2I and I2V communications for applications related to signalized intersections [ASN.1]