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CEN/TC 278 is responsible for managing the preparation of standards in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Europe. It serves as a platform for European stakeholder to exchange knowledge, information, best practices and experiences in ITS.


Open call(s) for Project Team experts 


(1) SA 2014-05: Enabling eCall for additional classes of user - DEADLINE: 2016-08-10

(2) SA 2014-06: eCall via a shared vehicle telematics platform (ITS-station) - DEADLINE: 2016-08-10


Upcoming Events

CEN/TC 278 meeting
15 -16 September 2016
CEN/TC 278 meeting
22 -23 March 2017

CEN/TC 278 Brochure



"A European Standard is shaped by those who contribute to its development."



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