The CEN Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) technology has been developed specifically to provide a reliable and effective communication means for traffic and transport applications in single lane and high speed multilane free flow environments.

Below are some examples of applications that use CEN DSRC:

The CEN DSRC technology is designed to service multiple applications in parallel and the small service areas to facilitate compliance checking. The real-time constraints require a specific protocol architecture leading to the reduced communication protocol stack, consisting of the physical layer, the data link layer and the application layer on top of which the applications entity is located. The DSRC profiles define interlayer management aspects and coherent sets of communication tools for applications based on DSRC.

The CEN DSRC technology can be characterised by the following features:

The CEN DSRC technology has been adopted in the following European regulations:

CEN DSRC technology is used in more than 100 million OBUs all over the world. It is adopted as a basis for interoperable services in numerous national and international schemes, notably electronic fee collection schemes.

Overview of standards

CEN/TC 278 has produced the CEN DSRC requirements series of standards, whereas ETSI has produced the associated test specifications. The CEN standards can be purchased from via CEN National Members, whereas ETSI test specifications can be obtained via ETSI’s web portal.

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CEN DSRC Standards / ETSI test specifications