While it is really beneficial to base ITS developments and implementations on international and European Standards, as the sector evolves and grows ever more complex, how does the implementer know where to begin, and what is available?

The EU-ICIP Guide is designed to provide that assistance, information and guidance.

The EU-ICIP resource is a focal point to guide, and inform about the existing large set of standards, and how and in which combinations to use them to assist the introduction and deployment of ITS services in a consistent manner by guidance on the best options available.

Don’t know where to start, and confused by all the jargon?

Then try one of these page links on the ‘about EU-ICIP’ page

Know where to start, and want to find what standards deliverables are available?

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EU-ICIP is designed to be a resource and support to assist you to develop and implement your project and deployments in a cohesive way. EU-ICIP provides guidance and advice, and is not designed to instruct you.
EU-ICIP provides a basis for information and knowledge of what ITS communications and data standards are available, and links to any regulations that reference them. It also informs potential users of the compatibilities and incompatibility issues of various standards options, and provides support for training, and guidance to universities to assist training programmes for those studying and researching ITS.

EU-ICIP provides an overview of the sectors, with references and hotlinks to all of the CEN/ISO ITS standards that are there to support that paradigm, and many related standards from ETSI, IEEE, SAE and other standards development organisations.

If one is considering or implementing, or developing a policy involving one or more aspects of ITS, or developing a project or product, or just researching, EU-ICIP is there to detail what standards are there to support (or indeed constrain), and to give direct hotlinks to those standards and associated documents and regulations.