EN ISO 14816 Register

This is the official information page of the Central Registration Authority for EN ISO 14816 Road transport and traffic telematics - Automatic vehicle and equipment identification - Numbering and data structures.

Please note that the text of this web page does no substitute EN ISO 14816 or any part of it. Due to copyright issues the text of the standard can not be made available on this site.

EN ISO 14816 is a International Standards for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI). It provides for the assignment to vehicles and equipment of unique identification codes for road transport and traffic telematics applications.The EN ISO 14816 Central Registration Administrator is Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN).

Please contact NEN for information about the EN ISO 14816 register : iiv(@)nen.nl (removing the brackets).

This website serves two purposes:

  1. It contains the official Central Registers:
  2. It offers guidance to organisations wishing to register.