Public transport


Public transport can be made faster, more efficient and more passenger friendly by enhancing the use of innovative transport telematics systems for traffic management and traveller support.

Overview of standards

An overview with all Public Transport standards is available here. is a dedicated website for EN 12896 covering both the 2006 version (Transmodel V5.1) and the new, not yet published, multipart version (Transmodel V6). The architecture is provided for download in HTML and Enterprise Architect formats here. is a dedicated website for the CEN/TS 16614 three part suite for exchanging public transport schedules and related data. You can find machine readable code in the form of XSD schemas here. is dedicated website about the OpRa standard. OpRa is an CEN initiative with the main focus on the identification of Public Transport raw data to be exchanged, gathered and stored in order to support Study and Control of Pubic Transport Services.

Standardisation activities


Subject Description
On Board Data Bus Transmission Standardisation of the application rules concerning the WORLDFIP or CAN data bus transmission. Environmental and electrical conditions and limits inside the vehicle
MMI in Public Transport Standardisation and recommendations concerning functional and ergonomic aspects of public transport for traveller or drivers
Reference Data Model Reference data base model allowing links between different transport application programs like scheduling, Passenger information, Fare collection, Personnel Management….,
Interoperable Fare Management System Architecture (IFMSA) Definitions and Requirements of a reference functional architecture for Automatic Fare Management systems to ensure interoperability between several actors in the context of the use of electronic tickets.
Identification of Fixed Objects in Public Transport (IFOPT) Proposed standard defines a model and identification principles for the main fixed objects related to public access to and operation of Public Transport ( e.g. stop points, stop areas, stations, entrances, etc..)
Standard Interface for Real-Time Information (SIRI) A communication layer, which defines common procedures for requesting and exchanging of PT data. An Interface between control centres (AVMS) or AVMS with the functions
Distributed Journey Planning System (DGPS) Supporting action for the European Railway Agency and coordination of rail standard with urban and suburban standards like IFMSA, IFOPT and SIRI based on TRANSMODEL
Network and Timetable Exchange (Netex) Supporting action to complete SIRI services on Network and Time table exchanges
Operating raw data and statistics exchange (OpRa) Identification of actual and measured Public Transport Data, mainly relevant to the Transmodel domain “Operations monitoring & control”, to enable the Study and Control phase performed by Public Transport Operators and Authorities and to review the history of actual operations, leading to improvements either through operational changes or strategic and tactical planning phases optimization.