DSRC Layer 7 ActionType register

ActionType is a universally unique identifier for an action, as defined in Annex B.3 of EN 12834:2003 “Road transport and traffic telematics – Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) – DSRC application layer” and ISO 15628:2013 “Intelligent transport systems – Dedicated short range communication (DSRC) – DSRC application layer”.

The CEN/TC 278 secretariat, held by NEN, maintains a list of ActionType values assigned by DSRC application standards.

The table below accounts for the registered ActionTypes. The register is updated when required as a result of the withdrawal, adoption or modification by CEN or ISO of DSRC application standards that define ActionTypes.

EN ISO 14906 “Road transport and traffic telematics – Electronic fee collection – Application interface definition for dedicated short-range communication” (clause 7.2 and Annex A) may serve as a source of inspiration for developers of standards defining ActionTypes.

0Get_StampedEN ISO 14906, clause 7.2.2 and Annex A
1Set_StampedEN ISO 14906, clause 7.2.3 and Annex A
2Get_SecureEN ISO 14906, clause 7.2.4 and Annex A
3Set_SecureEN ISO 14906, clause 7.2.5 and Annex A
4Get_InstanceEN ISO 14906, clause 7.2.6 and Annex A
5Set_InstanceEN ISO 14906, clause 7.2.7 and Annex A
6Get_NonceEN ISO 14906, clause 7.2.8 and Annex A
7Set_NonceEN ISO 14906, clause 7.2.9 and Annex A
8Transfer_ChannelEN ISO 14906, clause 7.2.10 and Annex A
9CopyEN ISO 14911, clause 7.2.2 and Annex A
10Set_MMI EN ISO 14912, clause 7.2.2 and Annex A
11SubstractEN ISO 14913, clause 7.2.2 and Annex A
12AddEN ISO 14914, clause 7.2.2 and Annex A
13DebitEN ISO 14915, clause 7.2.2 and Annex A
14CreditEN ISO 14916, clause 7.2.2 and Annex A
15EchoEN ISO 14917, clause 7.2.2 and Annex A
16Reserved for future ISO/CEN use
17Reserved for future ISO/CEN use
18Reserved for future ISO/CEN use
19Reserved for future ISO/CEN use
20Reserved for future ISO/CEN use