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Internal regulations

Official organization and rules for standards work.

Drafting a standard

Need help with drafting CEN standards?

Starting a new project

Everything you need to know to start a new CEN project.

Part 1 Organization
Part 2 Common rules
Part 3 Drafting rules
Part 4 Certification
Drafting manual
Simplified Template
Figure requirements
Converting figures
NWIP form

Online applications

eTools and guides for standard makers.

Vienna Agreement

Technical cooperation between CEN and ISO

IPR & Patents

CEN policy and procedures related to IPR and patents

CEN Projex
CEN policy
GUIDE 8 Patents
GUIDE 10 Copyright
Participant list

Useful sources


Channel Description Accessibility
WG convenors / HoD WG members Public
CEN eCommittees Working area for ISO TCs/WGs

– Document management
– Member list
– Links to meetings and ballots

CEN Projex-Online Projex-Online contains detailed information on the   programme of work of a TC. It also contains information on the Technical   Bodies responsible for these projects/standards, related Mandates and   Directives.
CEN BOSS CEN BOSS aims at providing practical information to   those actively contributing to the development of deliverables within the CEN   system. It clearly describes processes and gives access to instructions and   guidance for their day-to-day work.
ISO eCommittees Working area for ISO TCs/WGs

– Document management
– Member list
– Links to meetings and ballots

ISO OBP Access the   most up to date content in ISO standards, graphical symbols, codes or terms   and definitions. Preview content before you buy, search within documents and   easily navigate between standards.
ISO Standards Maintenance Portal Online repository of maintenance material and often also including for machine readable files used in ISO standards and technical specifications (ASN, TTCN, XML…)
CEN meeting centre For CEN works the meeting rooms at CCMC in Brussels can be booked free of charge. CEN also provides online meeting services.



EN ISO 14816 Register

DSRC L7 ActionType register